HIV Testing

Hiv Testing

Living Positive have been providing the Community Home Test Giveaway in NYC for the past 2 years,  which allows any person in NYC to receive a free HIV test which is conducted in your home.  As a result of COVID-19 the program has expanded  and is now Virtual. The Community Home Test Giveaway Virtual  Program is conducted remotely, does not involve any in-person contact , is still free and confidential for you to test at home and maintain social distancing.

If you are interested, please call Ron at (347) 623-9506 or Allison at (305) 755-2629.  Since all services are now provided via Telehealth which means staff we are providing services on the phone, please leave a voicemail.  You will receive a return call response as soon possible.

Community Home Testing FAQ and Basic Information:

Do I need a phone for this program?  You will need a phone to respond to the 5 demographic questions.

What are 5 demographic questions?   The demographic questions are completely voluntary
and used to assess who the program is reaching. the questions are listed below:

Again these demographic questions are completely voluntary​ and used to assess who the program is reaching. You do not need to respond to any or all of the questions in order     to receive their online coupon code for a home HIV test.

Am I eligible to receive a home HIV test? Home HIV test kits can be provided to anyone who resides in New York City. Due to COVID-19 anyone is also eligible if you reside in: y New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Do I need a computer or laptop for this program?  You can access the information for the free test kit with your phone and connect to the internet.

Can staff help me with the internet since I'm not good using the internet?  Staff is readily available to assist and help you with all steps to receive the free HIV Test Kit.

How do I perform the home HIV test?  After you  5 questions, you will receive a voucher for one free  Oraquick In-Home HIV Test . The Oraquick website  also has a FAQ. Staff can assist you to link to this sites.

I have my voucher for the free HIV test. What do I do next?  Staff will discuss the Instructions/next step which are listed below to get your Free HIV test. At any time you need assistance ordering you kit call us.

Do I need to buy anything to use the free HIV test?  The test kit everything you need and you do not need to buy anything.


  1. Have your Coupon Code noted and accessible now
  2. Visit the manufacturer’s website:
  3. Select “Buy 1 Kit”.   One online coupon code is only valid for the redemption of one OraQuick In-Home HIV Test.
  4. Enter the online coupon code in the “Coupon Code” box.
  5. Enter your ZIP code
  6. Click “Apply Coupon.” Once the coupon code is applied, you will see a balance of $0.00.
  7. You can checkout as either a Guest or Create an Account. You will be asked to provide a shipping and billing address, but you will not be asked for payment information. The test kit should arrive at the mailing address within 2–4 business days.