Art Networking

Art Networking

Welcome to Art Networking, a program for adults who need community support to maintain their behavioral health and recovery.  Below is a summary of Art Networking & Social Distancing activities which promotes safety, self-expression and discussion.   All artwork is displayed at our ART Exhibit.

We all have so much to express since 2020 and this is your opportunity to make a statement with your artwork.

Art Program - Watercolors/Pastels/Paint, Collages, My Strengths, Mandalas, Masks:

Watercolors & Pastels

This group is to engage members in the depiction of their life path - a road- through colors and objects.  Members will focus on their journey, fears, struggles, relapse, support, emotions and goals.  This is a self-soothing process because of the brush stroke and exploring with colors and emotions.


The members will make collages using mixed media to portray feelings, struggles, recovery, priorities and support that has maintained their recovery. 

My Strengths

Group members will reflect, identify and focus on their strengths/supports and how this assists them in recovery. Members will map their journey in recovery and translate this to plant pots using various media forms. The last sessions will focus on planting in the pots or fill their pots will various items that are symbolic of their strengths.


Members will make their personal mandala to reflect their personality, experiences and emotions through recovery. The circular concept allows members to reflect on the here and now and who they are. 


Members will create their mask portraying “how others see you” on the outside and “how you really feel inside” based on their life experiences.  This explores their imagination, persona and is basically liberating since its non-verbal communication image of a face in recovery.   

For more info call: Living Positive - (718)374-5949 & (516) 858-5001